28th September 2012 - Bletchley Park, Milton Keynes

Celebrating their tenth year in business and a decade's commitment to innovation, ipcortex, the British UC vendor, are pleased to announce their attendance at Convergence Summit South, held on the 3rd and 4th October at Sandown Park, Esher, Surrey. Demonstrating the strength of British innovation they are inviting attendees to bring along one British innovation to their stand, and take away another one for free!

Visitors that bring along a Raspberry Pi - the British designed micro-computer - to Stand 36 will be given the opportunity to transform their hardware into a PBX using ipcortex software. Even if visitors don't have their Pi with them, ipcortex will be giving away free firmware cards that can turn any Pi into a PBX. All visitors to the stand will be shown how fast they can start to deploy sophisticated UC solutions in just 5 minutes, and can enter a free prize draw to win brand new Raspberry Pis.

ipcortex CEO Rob Pickering commented, "Turning a Pi into a PBX is a brilliant illustration of how software sophistication and ease of interface use is the essence of modern equipment. We're not trying to show that the Pi is a good platform to run a PBX on - in fact, it isn't really technically a good use of the Pi hardware, the hardware a PBX runs on is a consideration only of capacity and reliability - the software is the key to functionality and in this case our software runs perfectly well for demo purposes on something as accessible as the Pi."

ipcortex will also be demonstrating how selection of the right architecture and the ubiquity of open standards such as SIP and, in the future, WebRTC, are making it easy to deploy and manage leading edge UC solutions. Visitors to their stand can expect to experience , first hand, how ipcortex software can run complex scenarios including high availability, whilst also being fast and simple to deploy.

About ipcortex

ipcortex design and develop disarmingly simple standards based PBX and Unified Communications systems for on-premise and 'in the cloud' applications. We focus on delivering the capabilities companies require today when securing control over their UC infrastructure, whilst open standards deliver the interoperability and service model that will be required in the transition to cloud computing. We pride ourselves on delivering open, honest and trusted support to and through our fast growing network of certified resellers.

Raspberry Pi is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation.