Bletchley, Milton Keynes - 14th May 2008 - The groundbreaking Equalizer E650si reaches the UK, bringing with it built in VMware support, HTTP Compression, SSL Acceleration and Global Server Load Balancing

Coyote Point Systems, leader in affordable application delivery for small and medium sized businesses has announced the launch of the Equalizer E650si, and its subsequent introduction to the UK market.

The new E650si builds upon the functionality of the award-winning Equalizer range by including VMware support, HTTP Compression, SSL Acceleration and Global Server Load Balancing as standard. This "Best of All Worlds" solution fulfils the UK SME markets requirements for cost effective, non-stop application availability and acceleration, powered by intuitive V8 software to provide ease of use and administration.

ipcortex, Distributor for Coyote Point in the UK and Ireland, confirms that the E650si will be shipping in May. ipcortex Director Rob Pickering said, "The Layer 4-7 E650si load balancer is an enterprise grade appliance, but an SME focussed solution. The incorporation of compression, acceleration and global load balancing modules sets apart the E650si from the rest, boasting real, comprehensive application delivery.

Revolutionary E650si functionality includes:

  • Equalizer VLB to support VMware infrastructure in order to allow acceleration and application availability. By managing the load of virtual machines, Equalizer VLB brings significant financial benefits through non-stop availability, a reduction in the number of servers needed and the operational expenses associated with this.
  • Built-in SSL Acceleration and HTTP Compression modules to reduce the server overhead associated with encrypted transactions and bring down bandwidth costs.
  • Envoy global server load balancing ensures that almost any application can work natively for instant failover to a back-up data centre.
  • Non-stop application availability with up to 99.999% uptime with a single E650si. Enable high-availability by using two E650si's to achieve up to 100-percent uptime.
  • Included V8 system software supports interactive and intuitive user interface to provide administrators with the tools needed to install, configure and maintain an Equalizer Series system, free from complication.
  • Supports clusters of up to 512 servers with an unlimited capacity for virtualization, allowing affordable availability and scalability.
  • Out-of-the-box support for Microsoft Sharepoint servers, Microsoft Outlook Web Access, Microsoft Virtual PC 2007, many database servers and firewalls, virtual servers from VMware, and any rack mount or blade server.

For more information on the E650si, please view the catalogue or contact us.