Milton Keynes - 22nd October 2016 - Everything about the way that our lives now work is now touched profoundly by digital technology. The way that we transact commercially, interact socially and even move ourselves physically around the planet is now driven by software. The breadth of human activities touched, or even controlled by software continues to accelerate at an unprecedented rate. Whether this is a scary threat, or an opportunity to solve some of the world's big problems depends largely on our ability to involve a diverse range of inputs in our digital vision.

The only choices that individuals and indeed society as a whole has is whether to be a passive consumer of technology developed by others to meet their goals, or co-creators, developers of our own digital destiny.

Developing good software solutions obviously starts with an intimate knowledge of the needs of your users. If we are to be creators rather than just consumers then putting the skills to realise our digital vision, the tools to make a better future, into the hands of everyone in society is crucial.

We know on a micro level at IPCortex that diverse teams where everyone has the space to be themselves enables better decision making and ultimately better solutions. The problem is that the conventional education system, whilst it tries, is not always great at encouraging and enabling everyone to acquire development skills irrespective of their gender and background.

That is why initiatives that challenge the status quo deserve all of our support. Anything we can do to promote wide access to technology development skills can only benefit us all in the long term and is the reason that IPCortex is proud to support Django Girls!