ipcortex includes the phone system features you would expect, and:

Really easy multimedia communication

Our solutions enhance internal and external communication and have a positive effect on the bottom line. keevio includes a web softphone, video chat, instant messaging, presence, screensharing and filesharing. You can use it to contact colleagues and customers alike because it's got the same universal reach as a phone system. Use it one to one or in groups, via any device, from anywhere.

Our solutions:

Collaboration and flexible working

Contact centre

Use ipcortex call and contact centre functionality to create exceptional customer service experiences. Whether you are a small business looking to increase efficiency or you have an established contact centre in place, our solutions help you to make customer service  more human, and a defining element of your brand.




Which product is right for me?

VoIPCortex can be delivered locally or via the cloud, on hardware or virtually, as OPEX or CAPEX. As the underlying system is the same for all of these it is possible to migrate between platforms whilst maintaining a consistent user experience. This provides you with technical and commercial flexibility as your requirements change.

ModelMax supported usersKeevio phoneKey additional features
Basic152 included
Standard1505 includedHigh availability capable
Pro120010 includedCall recording, call whisper, call barge (listen), high availability capable

The ipcortex Virtual Edition builds upon the proven functionality and flexibility you’d expect from ipcortex whilst adding additional benefits like a granular commercial approach and the keevio web softphone for every user. With no hardware to procure or install, there is very little friction indeed for users who already have a VMware infrastructure to roll out new ipcortex UC instances on demand.

Our per user model is suitable for commitments of 1000+ users and offers similar functionality to the Pro appliance.

Whether deployed in a managed, shared office or to facilitate multiple branches of one company, the ipcortex Multi Tenant IP PBX allows users to benefit from flexible and functional unified communications functionality whilst also reducing acquisition and management costs. The Multi Tenant solution is appropriate for deployments of up to 1200 users, and up to 100 companies, and offers comprehensive divisioning of features.

How to buy

Contact us to discuss your requirement. Tell us what you need from your comms, and together with our expert reseller partners we’ll show you how to achieve it easily and affordably.

Not an end user? Let's work together to make great things happen...

Our highly competent network of resellers and ISPs provides guidance in choosing the right ipcortex solution. Via ongoing support and assistance, they ensure that integration into the business maximises the benefits for end users.Integration with other business systems is key to harnessing the bottom line benefits for end users. Our comprehensive API allows developers to easily integrate ipcortex systems with core applications and we are always open to working with third parties to increase the breadth of our solutions.
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