Milton Keynes - 9th March 2018 - While hosted telephony is enjoying a solid period of growth, there are two trends that, together, present resellers with a significant challenge. Firstly, the focus across most offerings today is price, with little real differentiation. Secondly, the ways in which businesses communicate are changing; the proportion of business transacted through a telephone is diminishing, meaning that it is no longer the high value, core communication mechanism for most businesses that it once was. Ultimately, this means business communication is increasingly positioned as an area ripe to reduce overheads, rather than one to differentiate and add business value.

IPCortex CEO Rob Pickering has blogged on UC Today about some of the most effective ways that resellers can maintain high margins, build a more loyal client base and increase average revenue per user (ARPU) with hosted Unified Communications (UC). Click here to read the article.