Process and solution design increasingly requires each element to seamlessly integrate with the next. The IPCortex API facilitates the development of cross-industry and market vertical solutions where adding real time communications functionality will add a new dynamic to an application.

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Functions included

We have developed the ipcortex API to allow close coupling of our platform with other applications. This allows unified and multimedia communications functions to appear as part of another application, cooperatively sharing information and triggering actions.

The comprehensive ipcortex API provides applications with full control over the user experience. It can for example:

Ease of use

The API code and example apps are available free of charge at the ipcortex tech site. JavaScript skills will be needed to develop apps. Where these are not available in house or via your reseller IPCortex may be able to provide access to these skills. We may also be able to coordinate development for apps with wide applicability. Please do contact us if you have a requirement.


A number of our customers have completed integration of ipcortex functionality with existing systems to gain a real competitive advantage. These include: