Software author Neetrix uses ipcortex API to integrate telephony with their rich suite of business management applications

About Neetrix

Neetrix is an integrated business software solution that provides a comprehensive suite of tools to manage a company’s book keeping, accounts and back office functions, to manage customers and suppliers, and to create and manage websites with or without ecommerce functionality. Having chosen to deliver it via the cloud, the company’s focus is on providing secure, easy and flexible access to the five different product modules with no investment in hardware or backup solutions required.


Scoping the opportunity

For Neetrix Founder Adam Saunders, integration is important. He’s built his business on the principle that close teams are effective teams, and that tightly integrated software solutions that touch a wide range of business processes are the best way to facilitate this.

“At Neetrix, we want to get people working closer, even if they’re on the other side of the world. As a result, the Neetrix product suite puts together all of the aspects of a business to help people work together, with tighter process sharing throughout. We deliver joined up processes for joined up thinking,” he said.

“That’s why when one of our resellers asked whether it was possible to integrate telephony functions into Neetrix, we knew that it would add an important dimension to our offering”, he continued. “It’s a natural next step for any business process that interfaces with a customer. CRM is an obvious starting point, and new technologies like WebRTC open up the opportunity to add real time communication to websites and ecommerce, and so much more.” 

Gordon Petrie, Business Development Director at Neetrix is enthusiastic about the opportunities that this presents. He added, “It’s an interesting space - an exciting new age of the web where we’ll be able to hook voice, video and collaboration tools like chat and screen sharing into most, if not all of our web-based applications. It’s more than just unified communications – it’s unified business.”


The ipcortex API

The ipcortex API is a simple to use Javascript abstraction which allows developers to rapidly integrate rich business communications into their web-based applications. It can be used to quickly add significant value add for end users by seamlessly merging communication with data and workflows.

Real time call interactions and other major UC functions such as contacts, instant messaging and phone control can be linked with any web client with no ties to site or PBX infrastructure. Neetrix were keen to preserve the real time nature of their solution, which can be accessed by multiple people on multiple devices at the same time, so this focus on instant data and live control was important.

Adam said, “We have the skill set and a good understanding of the underlying technologies but I generally try to avoid third party integration work unless it’s really worth it. This is the first integration piece that we’ve done with any Javascript or WebRTC model as it’s such new technology, and having the API has made a big difference to how quickly we’ve been able to develop the new functionality. We’ve made sure that it all works without the user having to install anything, and the integration brings the solution to life.

The barriers to entry are far smaller with ipcortex than with anyone else - no other telephony providers have anything like it.”


Future innovation

Gordon believes that integration is going to play a key part of their development strategy in coming years. He said, “We spend a lot of our time working out how our customers want to do business, how their customers want to do business, and how that might change in coming years. This integration work has opened us up to the possibility of a whole new set of developments that support us in that endeavour by increasing the scope of business functions that the Neetrix solution touches.”

Adam is confident in their ability to do this, and added, “Our success lies in our ability to morph and adapt our solutions to accommodate changes to business models and processes, and the telephony integration has simply added to our flexibility in this regard. For example, at the moment, people are used to working in a certain way but technologies like WebRTC will change that. It’s the biggest paradigm shift for people that build websites and web based applications that we’ve seen for a long time and presents a great opportunity for developers to introduce video and other real time communication events to existing business processes. Having an API that removes the initial barrier to working with emerging technologies like this, using simple client side Javascript, is very helpful.

Our integration work with ipcortex is just the first step. We’ve proven the concept and delivered some great new functionality for our customers which will result in more efficient working today, but we’re already looking forward to see what new opportunities it will open up for the future.”

Neetrix is designed to make it easier for SME’s to integrate their key office functions. To find out more about them and their unique offering, please visit