London - Friday 27th Jan 2006 - ipcortex VoIP PABX TAPI interface launches.

Users of legacy PABX systems gained a new reason to move over to ipcortex open VoIP based PABX systems when the company launched a key PC integration component today.

The company added a TAPI interface to the feature set available across its entire PABX range. This includes its compact small company systems, 1U rack mount, and multi-tenant managed office solutions. The TAPI interface allows all TAPI compatible programs running on Windows PCs to dial numbers on a user's VoIP phone. It also allows applications to be informed when an incoming call arrives, along with the calling number. This functionality enables CRM applications and other similar software to present a user with relevant information about a caller as they answer the phone.

The software is currently available as a beta test for selected customers and will be available as a configuration option for all customers from 1st March.

For further information on this product, please contact Rob Pickering on 01908 276651.

ipcortex helps its customers build functional converged voice and data networks and protect the investment they make in their information and communication infrastructure. We do this by focussing on simplicity and reliability, providing a range of products and expertise which improve the resiliency and security of a companys network systems.