London - Friday 4th Nov 2005 - ipcortex VoIP PABX gains multi-tenant option.

Managers of multi-tenant buildings gained access to the benefits of VoIP technology today with the launch of the latest development in the ipcortex PABX family. The new system uses open standards based VoIP over LAN technology to deliver the advanced features of expensive proprietary systems at a fraction of the cost.

A small 230mm deep enclosure houses a low power consumption CPU, LAN Interface and telephony interface card. Powered by the Asterisk Open Source PABX software, the device integrates a simple but powerful graphical interface which simplifies implementation and day to day management of all PABX functions.

Building managers can assign DDI numbers, extensions and phones to companies or individual users.

A separate, secure company administrator interface allows company staff to manage their own settings, including extension assignment, voicemail and IVR menus.

Full call logging and billing are a fully inclusive part of the feature set for an unlimited number of extensions and users, and flexible call routing allows you to choose the most appropriate and cost effective routes for all calls.

For further information on this product, please contact Rob Pickering on 01908 276651.