Bletchley, Milton Keynes - 4th December 2007 - Both resellers and end users of the VoIPCortex IP-PBX range benefit from even more freedom of choice with the release of the snom M3 DECT and Aastra 51i

Users of the VoIPCortex IP-PBX range have always been able to benefit from an open and accessible communications platform - and this includes freedom and choice when it comes to handset selection. This winter, this choice becomes even greater with the release of the new SIP compatible handsets from snom and Aastra.

snom have developed the M3 DECT phone - a portable SIP phone based on snom firmware. The M3 DECT will allow up to 8 handsets per gateway, carrying 3 parallel calls. With many of the features that one would expect from a snom desk phone, the M3 DECT is a sleek, attractive and functional alternative for the user requiring that little bit more mobility.

snom have also revamped their snom 300 entry level SIP phone to include Power over Ethernet capabilities.

Aastra have developed the 51i to compliment their new, elegant 5i range of VoIP handsets. The 51i sits at the bottom end of the spectrum but features dual Ethernet ports, and PoE. Featuring only one call appearance, it is a cost effective approach to light use telephony. The 51i will feature auto provisioning within the VoIPCortex IP-PBX range from 2008.