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Making hosted comms work for you

IPCortex per user includes the phone system features you’d expect, like call recording, queues and call reports, whilst also providing advanced functionality that helps your customers to save money and deliver memorable, human customer service experiences.

Key benefits

Spotlight on: Keevio

Keevio is the web interface that delivers effortless voice, video, chat, screensharing and filesharing with colleagues and customers alike - one to one and in groups - with no special software required.

By providing your customers with Keevio, you will help them to:

Keevio key features

Spotlight on: easy configuration and deployment

Whilst many providers are dissatisfied with the complexity in their communications, IPCortex Hosted Providers can expect simplicity throughout. Our solutions require minimal management and are very easy to use, either as a stand alone systems or integrated with existing applications and processes.

The intuitive web interface and user-centric configuration model makes configuration and deployment remarkably simple. Initial installation is quick and easy, allowing per user solutions to be rolled out within hours of receiving an order - far quicker and with less technical resource required than for a physical PBX.

In addition, our comprehensive auto provisioning platform and rapid star code deployment means that it takes less time to deploy handsets on desk than it does to unbox them. Service operators can save money by not needing to send skilled engineers out to every installation.

Spotlight on: Multi Tenant

With multi tenant and single company instances, IPCortex gives ITSPs and other service operators control over how they deliver their solution to end users.

The Multi Tenant offers complete divisioning of its comprehensive feature set, where billing and behavioural preferences can be accessed and configured on a per extension, per tenant or system wide basis.

Spotlight on: handsets

Licence free, open handset interoperability gives service operators the freedom to choose the handsets that suit them commercially and technically. Furthermore, they have the ability to select handsets that suit each customer’s requirements.

The IPCortex platform includes auto provisioning support for over 90 devices from a range of vendors, making the process of deploying different handsets quick and simple.

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