London - Friday 28th April 2006 - ipcortex VoIP PABX partners with Aastra phones.

The popular ipcortex VoIP PABX system gained another significant advantage today when configuration support was added for the full range of Aastra VoIP phones.

Aastra phones join Elmeg, Linksys, Sipura and snom models which are already fully supported for zero touch configuration via the PABX. This key unique feature of the ipcortex PABX means that large networks of phones can be deployed in minutes rather than days. Immediately the phones are plugged into the network to which the PABX is attached, they are given a unique ID and can then have extensions and users configured via the PABX web UI. Appropriate and consistent settings are sent by the PABX to the phone and problems based on configuration inconsistencies between phone and PABX are thereby eliminated.

ipcortex PABX units allow companies with anything from 3-4 users through to hundreds or thousands of extensions to effortlessly utilise VoIP technology.

For further information on this product, please contact Rob Pickering on 01908 276651.

ipcortex helps its customers build functional converged voice and data networks and protect the investment they make in their information and communication infrastructure. We do this by focussing on simplicity and reliability, providing a range of products and expertise which improve the resiliency and security of a companys network systems.