At the time of updating this document (PBX firmware 6.0.7), the following devices support auto-configuration by hardware and virtual on premises PABX systems. The PABX will auto provision and auto upgrade these handsets to a supported firmware version when they are initially connected to the system provided they are initially running upgrade-capable firmware. A variety of auto provisioning profiles are available for most phones and the handsets' capabilities may vary from vendor-published datasheets; please contact your ipcortex certified engineer for more information on these.

The following devices are provisioned by the PABX and we provide support with interoperability, but may require manual updating to specific firmware versions before use as this cannot be performed by the PABX due to vendor restrictions. Where this is stated, the devices must be running at least the specified firmware version below before attempting to configure them onto the system:

The following devices do not have a compatible auto-provisioning scheme, but are known to work at a basic level when manually provisioned: