London - Friday 27th May 2005 - ipcortex launches the first truly open VoIP PABX system.

Targetted at small and medium sized businesses requiring 2 - 30 outside lines and up to a few hundred internal extensions, the new system uses VoIP over LAN to deliver the advanced features of expensive proprietary systems at a fraction of the cost.

A small 230mm deep enclosure houses a low power consumption CPU, LAN Interface and telephony interface card. Powered by the Asterisk Open Source PABX software, the device integrates a simple but powerful graphical interface which simplifies implementation and day to day management of all PABX functions.

The interface software will be upgradeable in a future release (due Q3 2005) to allow full hierarchical management with separate user groups and billing. This has been developed for applications within a multi-tenant building environment.

For further information on this product, please contact Rob Pickering on 01908 276651.