Bletchley Park, Milton Keynes - 12th September 2012 - Deciphering a decade of comms: ipcortex celebrate 10th birthday with event at historic Bletchley Park

British UC vendor ipcortex will this year be ten years old, and will be marking the milestone with an informative and entertaining channel celebration around a theme of ten years past and ten years forward from 2012. The afternoon event will be followed by an evening party to thank their resellers for their commitment over the last ten years.

The day will include:

- Guided tours of the National Museum of Computing, where guests will be able to touch and feel the contribution that British innovators have made to the shape of our working lives today.

- A talk on UK network delivery innovations from Trefor Davies, ISPA Council member, exploring the developments that will shape the way that we connect to voice, video and data services over the next few years. Guests will learn how technologies like 4G, FTTC, FTTP and EFM are already changing the service provision landscape and what this means to resellers and their customers.

- A PBX market report from Stephanie Watson, MZA Consulting, who will highlight the trends and technologies shaping the market.

- A session on WebRTC, the open standard that gives ordinary web-browsers the ability to make and receive voice and video calls natively and cleanly on any platform without any additional hardware or software. WebRTC has the potential to change the face of commercial UC, but will also have a huge impact on the way that consumers use the Internet to communicate. Rob Pickering, ipcortex CEO, will explain what WebRTC means for the voice and data industries, how and when the first implementations are likely to be delivered, and the opportunities that it will unlock. The session will be punctuated with early access demonstrations of the ways that ipcortex will be building WebRTC into its UC products.

- An evening celebration to include hog roast, crepe station and charity auction with all proceeds going to TNMOC.

The event will take place on Thursday 20th September, at Bletchley Park, Milton Keynes. Places are available strictly on invitation and application basis only. For more information, or to register to attend, please contact Anne Rogers on 01908 276657 or via

About Bletchley Park and TNMOC

As the site that bore witness to the birth of computing and the staggering wartime efforts of the codebreakers, and as the headquarters of GCHQ until the mid 40s, Bletchley Park has played an important part in the evolution of communications, and indeed Britain's own technology innovation story. The site is now home to the Bletchley Park Museum, as well as being home to The National Museum of Computing.

About ipcortex

ipcortex design and develop disarmingly simple standards based PBX and Unified Communications systems for on-premise and 'in the cloud' applications. We focus on delivering the capabilities companies require today when securing control over their UC infrastructure, whilst open standards deliver the interoperability and service model that will be required in the transition to cloud computing. We pride ourselves on delivering open, honest and trusted support, to and through, our fast growing network of certified resellers.