Bletchley, Milton Keynes - Thursday 19th April 2007 - New newsletter provides effective communications channel for ipcortex customers and resellers

ipcortex essentials has been developed as an effective way to communicate with our customers and resellers. The newsletter covers a variety of topics, informing you of the issues that effect both the VoIP and load balancing industries, as well as changes within ipcortex.

"ipcortex essentials is a fresh, clear and comprehensive new channel to ensure you continue to be kept up to date with latest information", commented ipcortex Managing Director Rob Pickering.

With different editions to suit our VoIP and load balancing customers, the first issue highlights include:

  • ipcortex new customer suite evaluate our solutions in the perfect environment
  • 21st Century Vox What is 21CN, and how will it effect the VoIP industry and you?
  • VoIP basics - an introduction to the technology behind VoIP
  • VoIP customer and reseller case studies how could VoIP help you?
  • Layer 7 persistence Why do you need Layer 7 capability in your load balancing application?
  • A note from Bill Kish, Coyote Point load balancer CEO
  • The new E550si load balancer from Coyote Point

  • If you are an existing customer or VoIP reseller, you can expect the newsletter to arrive within the next few weeks. For a pdf version of our first issue of ipcortex essentials for both VoIP and load balancing customers, please click here. If your copy has gone missing, you're not an existing customer, or you'd like to request a new one for a friend, please contact us.

    Stay informed and in touch with ipcortex essentials.