VoIPCortex - Release 5 the latest version of the VoIPCortex platform

VoIP Cortex is the software at the heart of an ipcortex solution. It has previously been packaged and delivered on PBX hardware in the form of the Compact, Standard, Pro and Multi-Tenant. Release 5 provides the option of virtualisation via a single VMware instance, an open API (with a Salesforce app as proof of concept) and an advanced interface version of Open Communications Manager (OCM 2.0). Extending sales opportunities for resellers, this represents the most significant release yet.

VoIPCortex Virtual Appliance - new product in Compact, Standard and Pro variants

The virtual product provides the same excellent value as the hardware product for end users in a VMware environment. With a VoIPCortex Virtual Appliance you can move your communications to the cloud alongside other IT services for ease of implementation and management. Couple this with hard phones to maintain familiarity for users, or opt for soft phones to enable a completely virtual solution and the cost benefits that typically accompany this approach.

Comprehensive API - available on all models

The open API element of this release allows solution providers to add significant value for end users by developing apps that integrate communications into processes and workflows to increase business benefit.

Real time call interactions and other major UC functions such as contacts, instant messaging and phone control can be linked with any web client with no ties to site or PBX infrastructure.

As proof of concept, ipcortex have developed a Salesforce app which seamlessly links the phone and CRM system to make the user more productive and improve customer service. The source code will be made available free of charge. Developers can use the API and Salesforce source code as a head start for developing apps for other CRM packages.

OCM 2.0 - available on all models

The Open Communications Manager has been given a complete facelift and OCM 2.0 offers a simplified yet more intuitive interface.

In addition OCM 2.0 creates a platform that is WebRTC ready and will allow seamless transition to web based telephony when standards are finalised.