keevio® extends sophisticated UC and multimedia functionality to the web browser, so you can contact anyone, on any device, from anywhere. Enjoy effortless multimedia conversations, collaboration and conferencing with colleagues and customers alike - no special software required.


  • Save on the cost of time and travel for meetings
  • Make fast decisions and speed up sales cycles, wherever you or your customers are
  • Create human customer service experiences
  • Devise unique services that deliver a competitive advantage and new revenue opportunities
  • Reduce reliance on handsets to save costs and make it easier to work on the move
  • Increase the efficiency of every user, every day

Key Features

  • keevio phone: a phone in your web browser which sits alongside or instead of a desk phone, rather like a softphone (optional).
  • keevio share: voice, video, screen share, and file share within your web browser, one to one or in groups.
  • Chat: instant messaging in groups or with individuals.
  • Call management and monitoring: Full visibility of activity and presence in real time, actionable call history.
  • Contact cards: system and personal address book, presence, contact information.

Full Feature List

Multimedia communications

  • Web based softphone (optional)
  • Instant messaging
  • Video and audio chat
  • Screen sharing
  • File sharing


  • Auto generated system directory
  • Company/PABX directory
  • Personal directory
  • Contacts card with additional information and action buttons

Call control

  • Make call
  • Receive call
  • Hang up
  • Hold
  • Unhold
  • Attended transfers
  • Blind transfers


  • Camera and microphone selection
  • Call handling, auto-answer, auto-hold
  • Extension opt in/out based on presence
  • Notifications
  • Layout options: multiple column contacts, messaging and history pop out

Management and monitoring

  • Set personal status and presence
  • Active monitoring of system contacts
  • Pickup from contact monitoring panel
  • Add external contacts manually or from history
  • Dial and search facility
  • Call history with drag drop to filter and redial
  • Voicemail notification
  • Extension opt in/out

Pop up notifications

  • Call
  • Chat
  • Share

System requirements and network configuration

keevio is accessible via most major browsers but we recommend using Chrome. keevio share and keevio phone can be used in Google Chrome and Firefox, with other browsers to follow as their WebRTC support improves. Note that screenshare can be initiated using a Chrome plugin and can be received by Chrome and Firefox.

Performance of keevio is dependent on the ability of the device it is running on. Video and screenshare resolution is adaptive depending on the capability of end points. keevio phone and external keevio share (screensharing, filesharing, audio and video chat) may require an external TURN server to be implemented in some network topologies.

Full feature list and system requirements >>

keevio tutorial videos

You can view our comprehensive tutorial videos here.