We provide easy to use software solutions that improve the way the world does real time person to person communication by:

Our team

The most significant asset that we have is our team. Both the “personality” of our products and the way that we interact with our customers are a reflection of our team culture. This is built around recruiting the smartest colleagues and giving them the maximum latitude to produce excellent technical and business solutions. This means that every team member is fully empowered to make a difference within their spheres of expertise - doing the things that we genuinely feel are right and align with our vision to be a long term value provider to our customers, stakeholders, and wider global society.

We value, reward and celebrate:


Founder and CEO Rob Pickering provides overall direction and leadership to IPCortex. Previously, he held a variety of technical roles and fondly remembers the days when he was a proper engineer and wrote a TCP/IP protocol stack from scratch for a microprocessor vendor. The bits of the job that he enjoys most are challenging our development team, messing around with neat technology, and thinking ambitiously about how our growing team from Milton Keynes can use our tech, and our time, for doing some good.