• IPCortex to showcase at the ITSPA Summer Forum

    Milton Keynes - 1st June 2017 - IPCortex will be demonstrating their new Hosted Suite, Service Provider Platform and contextual comms innovations on 29th June 2017.

  • What are the biggest UC trends for the next year?

    Milton Keynes - 29th May 2017 - Do recent major new platform and product launches from enterprise vendors match up with how businesses want to communicate with colleagues, customers and external collaborators?

  • Comms Trader: Under the Bonnet of Contextual Comms

    Milton Keynes - 24th May 2017 - Comms Trader's Rob Scott caught up with IPCortex CEO Rob Pickering at UC Expo to talk contextual comms and hosted platforms.

  • Top trends at UC EXPO 2017

    Milton Keynes - 15th May 2017 - We take a look at some of the key trends we expect to see at UC Expo this year for the UC Insight blog.

  • Why I'm hosting a contextual comms meetup after UC Expo

    Milton Keynes - 12th May 2017 - There are clear benefits to making communication task-friendly, and in our web-based world there are few barriers to making things simple and useable. Let’s see if we can accelerate its adoption for the benefit of all.

  • Transforming customer engagement with contextual comms - a UC Expo seminar

    Milton Keynes - 2nd May 2017 - Communication is richer than ever before, but whilst tools are often successful on their own they are siloed and lack universal interoperability. If you try to introduce a customer or supplier to that ecosystem, "unified communication" becomes anything but and our external interaction all too often falls back to a bleak telephony and email world.