ipcortex works with partner organisations in a number of different ways. Depending on your requirements, skills and business case there are opportunities to work with us in one or more of the following relationships.

Resellers and Hosted Service Providers

Our solutions are sold and supported through a network of highly qualified partners, many of whom provide a full range of services to end customers.

Why partners choose to work with us

Contact us and we’ll show you how the IPCortex platform could help you close more opportunities.


IPCortex is a natural choice if you are looking to integrate a web based application with traditional telephony or unified communications workflows. Whether you are a developer needing to integrate a customised application with local telephony, or a vendor of cloud delivered services looking to incorporate communication into your offering, we want to work with you.

How to access the API & Developer Programme

To get started with the API, simply visit our tech community site at developer.ipcortex.co.uk which has full documentation on the API and sample applications.
Through the tech community, you can also obtain a freely downloadable copy of our core VoIPCortex software which can be run locally on VM hardware to provide you with a working phone system target. 

Involve us in your development

The tech site should provide you with everything that you need as a starting point for development, but please do contact us if you need more information or would like to engage on a strategic basis before commencing with a project.

Social Enterprises

We're passionate about making people's lives better through good communication. That means we think that everyone should be able to share great ideas freely and easily within their communities of interest - no matter where they are in the world.

In practical terms, this means that alongside our own developments and initiatives that we hope will make a difference in the world, we’re keen to make it easier for more people and organisations to do the same. If you’ve got an idea, or a problem without a solution, let’s talk and see if we’re able to help.

Recent projects we’ve been involved in include: