All VoIPCortex products have a web-based user interface, sitting on top of a switching engine which speaks all major open communication protocols.

Platforms and technical specs

VoIPCortex is available on a variety of platforms. Click each model name to view key functionality and full technical specifications.

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ipcortex technical community

Visit the ipcortex technical community site for technical information, informal access to tips, tweaks and to provide feedback. Created for developers, resellers and end users, it provides more information on the API, sample applications, Virtual Edition downloads and our tech forums.


At ipcortex we are a little different. We don’t use offshore (or for that matter, onshore) call centres for first line support, or multiple tiers of slightly more competent engineers with a time consuming escalation process. We do our best to ensure that support calls are answered in strict order, assigned a fair priority and dealt with promptly by a properly trained engineer. We do this so that we can resolve issues promptly and fully.

For this process to work properly we rely on the help of our resellers in raising support requests appropriately and giving us the best chance of helping customers effectively. All of our reseller support contacts are trained about this on our technical courses, but as a reminder, our support works as below.

If you are an end-user

You should contact your reseller in the first instance. We apply strict criteria to qualify our resellers and they should give you access to fully trained engineers who installed your system and can give you support on the whole solution. If necessary, their engineers will be able to contact our support team and escalate any issues that they need help to resolve.

If you are a reseller

To contact our support department by telephone, e-mail, or to raise a ticket via our website you should:

If contacting us by phone, please be prepared to give:

  1. The serial number of the system and the software version it is currently running.
  2. If the problem involves a handset, the make and model of the handset, and the firmware version that it is currently running.
  3. A description of the problem. If it involves a set of user operations (e.g. transferring a call) then a description the exact sequence of keystrokes to reproduce the problem, tones heard etc.

When leaving a message or raising an issue via e-mail or the website then please also give as much of the above information as possible. As an absolute minimum you should include the serial number and a brief description of the problem as this allows us to prioritise our response to you. This also allows us to avoid the delay to our response due to the extra time involved in asking these questions and getting a response.

We try to answer all calls live by a trained engineer during our support open hours and achieve this with approx 95% of all calls. Where you leave us a message, e-mail or raise a ticket online, we deal with these incidents in strict rotation as long as you provide the above information. We will always deal with urgent support requests where full information has been provided before we take other new calls at busy times.