CRM Connect makes it easy for IPCortex users to enhance customer interactions both pre and post sale. Putting communication within the context of your key customer systems generates efficiencies through speed of action, as well as applying more intelligence to every customer interaction. With CRM Connect, you can quickly and easily improve customer experience - the big differentiator of the future.

Intelligent, effective call management

Communicating in context is the foundation of excellent customer service. By communicating from within or augmented by customer records, with full and timely access to historical or transaction-based information, agents can handle inbound and outbound calls with greater intelligence, resulting in unparalleled customer engagement.

Increase productivity

Click to dial increases agent speed and accuracy, and removing context switches by communicating from within the same application as key account information increases efficiency and message delivery. This increases overall agent productivity.

Simple and streamlined

Whether you choose to use CRM Connect for inbound or outbound calls, or both, call handling becomes simple and streamlined. Designed to provide an excellent user experience, use of the plugin is intuitive and provides access to the features that agents really need.

Low-touch installation and maintenance

CRM Connect is made available via an Internet browser plugin, with no third party applications to install. Automatic updates simplify the process of system management.

Advanced automation

The comprehensive IPCortex API presents the opportunity for deeper integrations with even more systems.

CRM systems

CRM Connect makes it easy to integrate many CRM systems with IPCortex solutions including Hosted Suite, the Virtual Edition, and on premises hardware. Custom URL launch for screen popping is available in some web-based CRMs, and click to dial is available in any website. In addition, we support click to dial, caller and callee matching, screen popping and phone number search for a number of certified CRM systems.

Key features

    • Custom URL launch and screen popping, and click to dial will work in web-based CRMs.
    • Deeper support available for Salesforce (Legacy and Lightning), Zoho, Freshdesk, Pipedrive, Hubspot, Zendesk, Insightly and Capsule, with more in development.
    • Click to dial from your CRM using a desk phone, soft phone or Keevio.
    • Click to dial from other websites.
    • Select outbound calling identity.
    • Match inbound calls against your CRM database.
    • Screen pop existing CRM records.
    • Incoming call notifications.
    • Visibility of additional incoming calls.
    • Select device with which to answer incoming calls.
    • Missed call list.
  • Opportunity for advanced automation via the comprehensive IPCortex API.

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