The communications industry is far from saturated, but it is in need of optimisation Hosted telephony is enjoying a solid period of growth, with uptake in the UK having increased by as much as 24% in just 12 months, according to Cavell Group research. With the market far from saturation point, the future is looking good for resellers that carry hosted products in their portfolio.

But, there are two trends that, together, present resellers with a challenge. Firstly, the focus across most offerings today is price, with little real differentiation. Secondly, the ways in which businesses communicate are changing. The proportion of business transacted through a telephone is diminishing, meaning that it is no longer the high value, core communication mechanism for most businesses that it once was.

The ultimate effect of these trends is that business communication is increasingly positioned as an area ripe to reduce overheads, rather than one to differentiate and add business value. What happens next, when the rush associated with the transition from phone lines and on-premises telephony is over and the market has raced to the bottom? How can resellers determine a strategy that will continue to deliver healthy margin for the long term?

Read the article by IPCortex Founder Rob Pickering at Channel Pro to understand how.