Bletchley, Milton Keynes 15th February 2009 Coyote Point's most powerful and cost effective Enterprise-class load balancer now available in the UK. The Equalizer GX series promotes load balancing and application availability within the mid-market; offers up to 400% performance gains on predecessor.

Coyote Point Systems, the leading provider of non stop application availability and load balancing solutions for the mid-market has launched their new GX Equalizer series in the UK. Based on entirely new software and hardware architectures, the Equalizer GX boasts improved reliability, reduced power consumption, a brand new version of the Coyote Point software (including an easy to use web based GUI with advanced documentation and reporting tools) and up to 400% performance gain on its predecessor, the SI range.

The Coyote Point Equalizer GX series consists of three appliances, each optimised for specific environments within the mid-market. All of the appliances feature layer 7 functionality and Gigabit connectivity.

E350GX the Intelligent, High Performance Application Delivery Appliance
The E350GX is an intelligent transport layer 4 and application layer 7 load balancer delivering high performance application traffic management, intuitive configuration, reliable failover and robust reporting for servers and clusters.

E450GX - E-Commerce Optimized; Application Delivery and Acceleration Appliance
The E450GX combines comprehensive layer 7 Application Load Balancing with dedicated Xcel SSL hardware acceleration to solve the performance, availability and management problems commonly faced by e-Commerce, finance and other environments deploying SSL secured web based applications.

E650GX - Datacenter Application Delivery and Acceleration Appliance
The E650GX delivers superior application performance and availability for high-traffic, mission critical applications. Featuring dedicated acceleration hardware, the E650GX offloads CPU intensive SSL processing and Web content compression from your servers to result in secure and efficient processing of Web application traffic. End user response times improve up to 5x, user productivity and satisfaction rise, while bandwidth requirements plummet as much as 50%.

The Coyote Point Equalizer GX range provides a cost effective method of increasing performance and reducing expenditure while maintaining 100% uptime. Equalizer GX is now available through UK distributor ipcortex. For more information on the Equalizer GX range, please either contact us or visit the product catalogue.