Sandown Park, Surrey, UK - October 4th 2011 - Unified Communications and Cloud Computing are gaining traction. This new white paper helps resellers and their customers to build or refine their strategy.

If planning for one major technology shift is tricky, then planning for two happening simultaneously is indeed a complex proposition. "Increasingly customers are both asking about what their strategy for Unified Communications should be, as well as asking about the impact that Cloud Computing might have on their comms. strategy", comments Rob Pickering, CEO at IP PBX vendor ipcortex. "While many may not necessarily choose to make the move just yet, the long cycle times of equipment in our industry means that it's critical that the right early foundations are laid and the right strategy is put in place now."

Launching today at industry event "Convergence Summit South" at Sandown Park, UK, Pickering has authored a new white paper - "Six Decisions for UC and the Cloud" - to assist in that process. "We shouldn't underestimate the far reaching implications that the convergence of these two technology transformations will have for end users, for the channel and indeed for vendors", says Pickering. "I'm hoping that by identifying the questions that need to be addressed, and offering guidance on where the answers might lay, we can really help businesses crystallise their thinking in this area and help them make the decisions that are right for their business."

The white paper is being distributed by ipcortex from their stand at the show and can also be downloaded, free of charge, from the website - click here

about ipcortex

ipcortex design and develop disarmingly simple standards-based PBX and Unified Communications systems for on-premise and "in the cloud" applications. We focus on delivering the capabilities companies require today when securing control over their UC infrastructure, whilst open standards deliver the interoperability and service model that will be required in the transition to cloud computing. We pride ourselves in delivering open, honest and trusted support, to and through, our fast growing network of certified resellers.

We're a UK based, privately owned company, headquartered at the famous Bletchley Park, home of the World War II code breakers. We have a rich heritage in both voice and data technologies and open standards development perfectly placing us as our industry begins to be transformed by Cloud Computing.