Milton Keynes - 2nd May 2017 - Communication is richer than ever before, but whilst tools are often successful on their own they are siloed and lack universal interoperability. If you try to introduce a customer or supplier to that ecosystem, "unified communication" becomes anything but and our external interaction all too often falls back to a bleak telephony and email world.

WebRTC is already being used to make comms more web-centric and open. At the same time, we're getting more used to switching efficiently between high-attention, synchronous communication mechanisms like phone calls, and low-intrusion, asynchronous tools like IM.

How are businesses using these trends to transform customer engagement?

IPCortex CEO Rob Pickering will be running a seminar on this topic at UC Expo on Thursday 18th May, 11:40-12:10 in the Customer Experience Theatre.

Join the session to learn:

    • Why task-based transactional data and big data makes communication more informed and effective
    • Which methods of communication can be embedded within an application to destroy walled gardens and increase comms efficiency
    • How businesses are already using context to transform customer engagement and create new revenue streams

Plan your visit.

If you would like to understand how contextual and embedded comms can help solve your business problem, you can book to meet Rob at the show (Weds or Thurs) or visit the Contextual Comms meetup in Moorgate on Thursday right after UC Expo closes. Alternatively, simply contact us! We’d be delighted to help.