Milton Keynes - 9th October 2017 - UC&C has done a lot of the heavy lifting to improve comms technology for business and most tools now exist online and operate as cloud based web apps without plug-ins, which can be accessed easily from anywhere. The next step is contextual communications, which takes advantage of the new generation of ‘always on’ apps, and will fundamentally change how people communicate.

Contextual comms integrates rich, real-time communication interactions with applications themselves, putting voice, text and video capabilities inside an application, website or device delivered alongside any pertinent information required about that interaction. In short, information and communication will seamlessly “flow” in the way people expect and ultimately will not be recognisable as a distinct, friction-bearing operation.

IPCortex CEO Rob Pickering explains the key elements of context in communications, and why it matters, in a blog for UC Insight. Click here to understand what contextual communication is, and how it is already in use today.