Milton Keynes - 16th October 2017 - Generally UC tools are built in a walled garden, operate in silos, involve annoying plug-ins and don’t work with the UC tools your partners or customers use. What’s unified about that? IPCortex CEO Rob Pickering asks the question in a guest blog at UC Strategies.

There are thousands of innovative UC tools promising to simplify collaboration and communication, but despite customers demanding more user friendly ways to talk to businesses, and employees looking for simpler, friction-free interactions, communications tools seem to create more complexity and fragmentation, not unification.

This experience continues to exist because we’ve largely normalised communication as a separate task or "special" sort of interaction, and many of us rely on traditional phone conversations, or setting up a video chat, on a completely separate platform. This means comms are devoid of context and are separated from the information pertinent to a communication exchange, frequently frustrating and complicating the interaction.

Will contextual communication disrupt this? Read the full story at UC Strategies to learn more about how resellers can help ensure that key business functions like sales and support are empowered to make customer engagement quicker, more intelligent, human and ultimately more memorable.