British vendor ipcortex launches keevio multimedia comms with universal reach

Bletchley Park, Milton Keynes - 13th April 2015 - British UC software vendor ipcortex is launching the latest version of its award winning platform with keevio®, the web interface which makes it really easy to access video, screen and file sharing, IM and voice - one to one or multiway - with no special software required. Using WebRTC, it means that businesses can enjoy rich multimedia collaboration and conferencing with customers and colleagues, wherever they are and whatever device they’re using.

ipcortex CEO and Founder Rob Pickering says, “We think that this technology will change the baseline of what people expect from UC and, indeed, customer service. It’s not just about replicating what we can already do with collaboration and conferencing software in a more web centric way. It’s about delivering that in a far more accessible way, with the same universal reach you’d expect from your phone system. Your customer can join a multimedia chat session with the click of a link, with no special software or plugins needed. The real world impact of that is that every business can make customer service a defining element of their brand. It becomes a human, memorable experience - not just an efficient process. It’s the sort of thing that turns customers into loyal fans.”

Keevio was also designed to help businesses to devise unique services that deliver a competitive advantage and completely new revenue opportunities. Pickering comments, “The accessibility and universal reach makes real “art of the possible” use cases a reality. Remote personal shopping, faulty goods inspection/support, health consultations, virtual incident rooms, live video feeds from public to newsrooms all suddenly become possible with little more than some imagination. Suddenly, you’re not just improving the services you already offer - you’re creating new ones that differentiate you from your competitors.”

Keevio can also be enabled as a softphone in the web browser, with no separate product, interface or VPN to worry about - resulting in phoneless call centres and effortless mobility for remote workers. The release also adds WebRTC to the ipcortex JavaScript API, making it easier for developers to add sophisticated real time comms functions to their own applications.

Pickering says, “Businesses are already able to integrate ipcortex with existing systems to gain a real competitive advantage, but now with WebRTC functionality that benefit increases immensely. There’s even more benefit for resellers, and this 6.0 release should excite those imaginative resellers who take a consultative or solution selling approach. Having an ipcortex toolbox at their fingertips presents an excellent opportunity for resellers to add value and differentiate themselves.”

ipcortex will be conducting the first public demos of keevio at UC Expo, Olympia, on 21-22nd April. Rob Pickering, ipcortex Founder and CEO will also be speaking about WebRTC on both days of the event.

About ipcortex

ipcortex are a British company who develop and market innovative communication systems. We provide solid, technically innovative solutions which are regarded as some of the most accessible, reliable and easy to install in the market. Our products are built for today’s requirements and ready for tomorrow’s opportunities, and we’re passionate about using emerging technologies like WebRTC to change the way we work.