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IP Expo 2017: Are your collaboration tools sabotaging your customer experience?

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Join us for an IP Expo seminar, Wednesday 4th October, 14:20-14:50, at the 'AI in the Enterprise' theatre.

AI, robots and machine learning are shaping the future of data-driven, personalised user experiences. At the same time, the core systems that enable business collaboration tend to operate in silos, devoid of context and ignoring the benefits of applying this quality engagement to customer interactions.

Join us at IP Expo for a seminar in which we explore how these two trends are converging, transforming how the real-time enterprise of the future will communicate - via human or machine, or a mixture of the two - with its employees and customers in context: at the right time, with the right information at their fingertips, and in the right application.

You will learn:

  • How communicating without context became normal, and why that's a problem for customer service
  • How embedding context within the point of communication delivers advantages for businesses and their customers
  • How companies are capturing data-driven insights, and learning from them, today.

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