The IPCortex Micro IP PBX was designed with the small office in mind. Optimised for up to 15 users, this flexible and powerful business phone system provides corporate level functionality at a small business price point.

Smart for Small Business

The Micro SIP only PBX delivers ultimate flexibility and hassle-free implementation without compromising its comprehensive feature set, delivering open handset interoperability as standard.

The functional, cost effective IPCortex Micro offers:

    • UC and multimedia collaboration accessed with the click of a link.
    • Auto provisioning platform and intuitive web based interface to streamline system configuration.
    • Comprehensive feature set out of the box - reducing costs and increasing freedom.
    • Compatibility with a wide range of handsets for different applications, environments and budgets.
    • Remarkably simple integration with third party software and services - enjoy quick, affordable and bespoke integration of UC into business workflows via the comprehensive API, which allows the integration of real time call interactions and other major UC functions with any web client.
  • Keevio delivers sophisticated UC and multimedia collaboration in the web browser, making it really easy to contact anyone, on any device, from anywhere.
  • Enhanced call management and monitoring functionality from any web browser with no installation required also provided by Keevio.
  • Remote/home working where users can operate as though within the office - making and receiving calls, accessing voicemail, fax and more.
  • Mobile twinning. Stay connected while on the road.
  • Open standards and comprensive ipcortex API promote interoperability with third party products.
  • Multi site scalability. IPCortex systems can be linked together with SIP trunks and phonebook sharing is available with suitable network connectivity - no additional hardware or licences required.
    • Hardware appliance allowing the use of multiple SIP trunk providers.
    • Increased reliability. The Micro PBX is a proven, tested solid state appliance offering greater resilience through multiple call routing options that remove single point of failure.
    • Keep implementation costs low by utilising existing network infrastructure.

Optimal flexibility, ultimate choice

Complete your system with the Keevio web phone, softphones or handsets selected to suit your individual requirements. Choose any open SIP handset or opt for something from the extensive list of devices that auto provision on our platform. These radically simplify implementation and with over 90 devices available there are options available to fit a wide range of functionality and budgetary requirements.



  • Recommended for deployments of 1 - 15 users
  • Compatible with open SIP handsets
  • Zero touch auto provisioning for over 90 devices
  • Two Keevio phone users included
  • Compatible with SIP softphones


  • Based on the “best of breed” Intel NUC hardware
  • Resilient, solid state storage with no spinning discs for increased reliability
  • External power supply
  • Small form factor
  • 115mm x 111mm x 51.6mm
  • Weight: 1kg (approx.)

Key features

  • Keevio - web based call management, monitoring, presence, web softphone, instant messaging, multimedia collaboration and conferencing
  • Intuitive configuration and management interface, also web based
  • Call queues
  • Visual queue management with statistics (wallboard)
  • Video calling
  • Unlimited inbound DDI numbers
  • Unlimited voicemail boxes
  • E-mail and web based access to voicemails
  • 8 hours of voicemail storage
  • Unlimited softfax destinations
  • Call management - hold, transfer, forwarding
  • Customisable auto attendant
  • Hot desking interface
  • Pickup groups
  • Integrated phonebook and directory generation
  • Flexible night mode operation
  • Flexible hunt groups
  • Paging/Tannoy capability
  • 5 way conference bridge
  • Music on hold

Key features

  • Call management and monitoring from the desktop via Keevio
  • Detailed per extension call records and billing information
  • Calling and billing information stored for 10 weeks
  • Free inter-office calls with suitable connectivity
  • Remote working via SIP and/or mobile twinning
  • TAPI module
  • Web based API


  • RFC3515 SIP
  • RFC3550 RTP
  • IEEE 802.3 (Ethernet), 802.1Q (VLANS, Priority)
  • RFC 2616 HTTP
  • RFC2131, RFC2132 DHCP
  • RFC1350 TFTP
  • RFC1122 TCP/IP
  • RFC3920, RFC3921 (XMPP)


  • LAN 10/100/1000 Ethernet

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