Since our first release in 2005, ipcortex solutions have a strong legacy in on site deployment. We were the first UK vendor to provide advanced reliability features like High Availability pairing and a combination of ISDN and SIP trunks out of the box with no additional licence fees.

Our solutions continue to provide the very best resiliency for customers who want to deploy their own local hardware or virtual systems and now also have the added benefit of cloud-oriented features like keevio, our web based phone you can use anywhere, including bring your own device scenarios.

Benefits of an ipcortex solution

Joined up business

Our systems make it easy to communicate with and share information and ideas with colleagues, one to one or in groups. Keevio® delivers rich multimedia collaboration anytime, anywhere, and our API makes it easy to integrate key systems and business processes with your communications to make them more effective.

Exceptional customer service 

Whether you simply care about delivering fantastic service across your business or operate a contact centre, we've designed our solutions to give you the tools you need to create a consistently excellent customer service experience. 

Minimal management

Whilst many businesses are dissatisfied with the complexity in their communications, ipcortex customers can expect simplicity throughout. Our solutions require minimal management and are very easy to use, either as a stand alone systems or integrated with existing applications and processes. 

Delivered to suit you

Whether you are simply looking for a phone system or would like to integrate communications with your core systems and business processes, we can help.

Considerations will include:

Future proofing

It’s difficult to know what tomorrow will bring but with ipcortex you don’t have to worry. We protect your investment by making products and services that grow and evolve along with you, whilst also developing innovative features based on new technologies. No need to rip and replace.

The bottom line is that a customer who bought a solution ten years ago could still be fully up to date, with the same features and benefits as a customer buying into our solutions today and with the commercial and technical delivery model that suits them best.


We provide rock solid solutions as standard, with high availability as an option.

Exceptionally low cost of ownership

Our solutions deliver an early return on investment due to the tangible and intangible benefits of collaborative working, combined with a low total cost of ownership.

Products available

There are four models in the hardware appliance range, plus a Virtual Edition optimised for VMware:

IPCortex Micro - Flexible, powerful and cost effective system for up to 15 users.

IPCortex Standard - Enterprise grade features for the SME at a radically cost-effective price point.

IPCortex Pro - Functionality and power for serious Enterprise deployments.

IPCortex Multi-Tenant - Full functionality and simple management for several entities on one hardware appliance.

IPCortex Virtual Edition - The feature set of the IPCortex Pro, optimised for VMware.

How to buy

Contact us to discuss your requirement. Tell us what you need from your comms, and together with our expert reseller partners we’ll show you how to achieve it easily and affordably.

Not an end user? Let's work together to make great things happen...

Our highly competent network of resellers and ISPs provides guidance in choosing the right ipcortex solution. Via ongoing support and assistance, they ensure that integration into the business maximises the benefits for end users. Integration with other business systems is key to harnessing the bottom line benefits for end users. Our comprehensive API allows developers to easily integrate ipcortex systems with core applications and we are always open to working with third parties to increase the breadth of our solutions.
Think we might fit? Contact us. Got you thinking? Contact us.