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    Download the Virtual Edition PBX

    • f you are running production ipcortex VMs, then you will have received a licence activation code through your commercial channel. If you aren't yet an ipcortex customer and would like to obtain a test or demo activation code, please fill in an evaluation request form. We will then send you a licence token to enable a fully featured instance with a limited number of users which can be used to activate the images linked in the table below.

      Releases and System Requirements

      Current Production Release

      The current production release VMWare image is 6.0, and depending on the evaluation version you choose, the following minimum resource requirements will be needed to execute the PBX image. For evaluation purposes with non-production workloads, the minimums should be adequate. For production loads, at least the recommended values should be used and for some workloads, resources in excess of the recommended values may be required on a case by case basis.

      ImageMinimum Recommended Key considerations

      Single CPU Core, 1.5GHz

      512MByte RAM

      4GByte Disk

      Single CPU Core, 2.0GHz

      2GByte RAM

      4GByte Disk

      For evaluation and very small environments. Minimal storage so only for use in deployments requiring minimal voicemail and music on hold, no call recording and 10 weeks' call log retention.

      Single CPU Core, 2.0GHz

      1GByte RAM

      64GByte Disk

      Dual CPU Core, 2.0GHz

      2GByte RAM

      64GByte Disk

      For small deployments. Little storage so only for use in deployments requiring normal voicemail and music on hold, no call recording and 1 year's call log retention.

      Dual CPU Core 3.0GHz

      2GByte RAM

      512GByte Disk

      Quad CPU Core 3.0GHz

      4GByte RAM

      512GByte Disk (SATA II or equivalent throughput)

      For normal deployments requiring the full Virtual Edition feature set, capacity and storage.

      Download the image

      If you are installing the VM on ESXi using the VMWare vcenter software then you can download the image directly from the URL supplied above. If using other platforms, or you wish to keep a local copy in case you need to reinstall then  download a copy locally using your web browser.