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    Setting up external access to keevio

    Access to keevio from the internet allows flexible working and also text, audio and video conversations with external parties.

    1. Follow the install a certificate guide.
    2. Go to system > global, open the network > access filter section and check 'Allow remote HTTPS Web/keevio access'.

    3. Add a DNS entry for the unit's host name that points to the external address.
    4. Add a firewall rule to allow HTTPS access. (HTTPS: 443 TCP)
      Note: ICE (STUN/TURN) provides a more reliable way to route media over complex networks. Continue with step 5 and 6 if you plan on using the IP Cortex ICE service (eligible systems only). The ICE service requires meta data from the system, this data is passed to the licence server as part of a request.
    5. Follow the updating the licence guide.
    6. Contact support@ipcortex.co.uk for details on the ICE service.