Hosted Suite vs. Voice Essentials

Trying to decide which is the right hosted communications solution for you? Here's a useful comparison of the two, but if you need more help, just get in touch with and we'll be happy to guide you!

Voice Essentials

IPCortex Voice Essentials addresses the needs of customers who are new to hosted telephony and are not yet ready to commit to unified communications. It delivers all of the essential voice functionality needed at a single price point, eliminating the pain of configuring, pricing and installing expensive add-ons and third party extras.
Uniquely however, Voice Essentials does not lock you into a "Voice only" solution. When you are ready to take advantage of the benefits of a full unified communications solution, the entire organisation can be upgraded to IPCortex Hosted Suite with a single click.

Hosted Suite

IPCortex Hosted Suite provides full baseline business PBX and unified communications functionality in a convenient hosted package offering features that improve the way that colleagues, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders can communicate.

Hosted Suite also includes access to Keevio. Keevio extends sophisticated UC and multimedia functionality to the web browser, so you can contact anyone, on any device, from anywhere. Enjoy effortless multimedia conversations, collaboration and conferencing with colleagues and customers alike - no special software required.

The two solutions compared...

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