Microsoft Teams Integration with IPCortex PBX

Microsoft Teams telephony integration from IPCortex

Ultimate product flexibility

Adapt your offering for maximum competitiveness by integrating with IPCortex.

Integrating Microsoft Teams with IPCortex allows end users to communicate with whoever, whenever, however they want, providing the foundation for greater collaboration.

With a range of innovative features available, you are empowered to sell into more opportunities and increase the average spend per user.

More than just a hosted offering

The Teams integration can be delivered with a number of solutions from Hosted, Service Provider Platform, Virtual or On-Premise.

Suitable for businesses:

  • Planning to use Microsoft Teams.
  • Looking to upgrade their telecoms infrastructure.
  • Who use Microsoft Teams and need an external communication facility.
  • Who want to unify internal and external communications functionality.

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Why use Teams with IPCortex

Unified user experience

Unified user experience

Manage all call flows from your PBX once extensions are configured on Office 365, allowing for a truly unified experience. Chat. Collaborate. Communicate efficiently.

Enhance communications

Enhance communications

With IPCortex and Teams together it allows for internal and external phone calls through Teams, resulting in increased user productivity.


True flexibility

Go the extra mile for customers and exceed expectations by integrating various features and products into any solution, from Hosted, Service Platform Provider, Virtual or On-Premise.

customer loyalty

Increase customer loyalty

Once they are integrated with Teams, IPCortex partners can overlay additional services that further increase your customers’ loyalty.

Providing you with tools to succeed

Integrate with IPCortex for a truly unified experience

Take your customers business communications and productivity to the next level by utilising IPCortex’s reliable and innovative features. Popular features included:



Contact Centre Wallboards make it possible for any businesses to add powerful visual analysis of live call efficiencies. This allows for greater resource management, resulting in increased business productivity and improved customer experience.



Store and keep previous call recordings, so you can listen back through old calls. CallStash provides long term archiving, categorisation and retrieval of business-critical call recordings.

CRM Connect

CRM Connect

CRM Connect enables businesses to add context to their communications. With no additional third party software to install, CRM Connect makes it simple and easy to provide a quality customer service.

IPC Reporting


Powerful and flexible reporting with limitless options. Make sharing and scheduling reports easier, to enable better and more informed decisions.

Want to know more about the telephony integration into Teams?

Speak to your Account Manager who will be able to talk you through the benefits of integrating IPCortex with Teams, as well as, helping to develop a commercial plan.

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How to use Teams with IPCortex

Hosted Suite

Changing size, distributed workforce or need to keep CAPEX as a low as possible? Consider Hosted Suite, developed for optimum flexibility.

On Premises

Hardware and software solutions designed for use by organisations from small systems right up to thousands of users.

Virtual Edition

Virtual Edition is an open standards compliant VoIP PBX platform designed to operate in a virtual environment. Fully featured, Virtual Edition 
deploys either on VMware or HyperV.

Service Provider Platform

Bring your own infrastructure: we provide the secure, reliable software, and the expertise to help you get it done right the first time.

What did Bradshaw Taylor have to say about IPCortex?

"The IPCortex system has had a hugely positive impact on our business, for both internal staff and customers. As well as making it easier for our staff to contact each other internally, using simple 4 digit extensions to communicate between sites, it’s also enabled us to manage our call queues more effectively, resulting in far fewer dropped calls and lowering call wait times.

Additionally, the system has given us a much more analytical view of the business through improved user intelligence and a far stronger business continuity strategy, as we are able to switch on voicemail dynamically and offer a consistently excellent customer service experience."

Nick Vance, Head of IT
Bradshaw Taylor